Moldova Country Tour


Moldova is a beautiful country and you'll enjoy 5 days here checking out the amazing landscape and cities that it has to offer. It has vineyards galore and you can taste all the best wine the country has to offer at Cricova, otherwise known as "Wine City".

Tour Duration: 5 days

Tour Highlights:

  • Chisinau
  • Capriana Monastery
  • Tiraspol
  • Et-Cetera Winery
  • Cricova Winery
  • Orheiul Vechi
  • Vatra Neamului


Day 1: You'll arrive at the Chisinau International Airport, where you will be meet for a trasnfer to Chisinau. As soon as you have unpacked your bags in your room you invited to a welcome dinner in restaurant “Vatra Neamului” (Moldavian cuisine with folk program).


Day 2: On day 2 it's onto a panoramic tour of Chisinau. You'll never find a more greenish, attractive and welcoming city. This can be easily proved during the panoramic tour where you will see in brief the main cultural, historical and commercial places of interest. In the afternoon it's to Stejarish restaurant for lunch then onto Capriana village where you will enoy an excursion at Capriana Monastery. Founded in 1429, it was later worshiped to the Zograf monastery from the Saint Athos Mountain. During a long period, Capriana monastery acted as the residence of the Moldavian archbishop. After this you will head to Milesti Mici to enjoy wine tasting.  Riding a bus or driving your car you will descend to 80m depth. Measuring about 200 km, all underground streets make up the largest network of caves ever dug by man. Due to the impressive collection of more than 2 million bottles, Milestii Mici was introduced in 2006 in the Guinness Book. You will feel like a king here, admiring the flames of the fireplace, tasting 20-30 years old wines and enjoying national cuisine. Into the evening you will head back to Chisnau.


Day 3: Today you will head to Tiraspol in the morning. In Tiraspol you will have the opportunity to travel in time back to USSR. You will start by visiting the monument of Vladimir Lenin and tanks left from the Second World War. The city seems to be a ghost of the Soviet past. Nevertheless, you will be amazed by the contrasts, one of which is the football complex "Sheriff” - a pearl of contemporary architecture. In the afternoon it's on to Et-Cetera winery for more wine tasting and lunch. The next part of the day is to Purcari Winery for a Wine-tour of cellars and wine-tasting of 4 wine’s sorts, such as "Negru de Purcari" and "Rosu de Purcari, which were delivered to the Queen’s court. Into the evening you will head back to Chisnau.


Day 4: Toyda it is to Cricova Winery. The Sparkling and Fine Wines Enterprise "Cricova" is the founder of production of high-quality elite wines and is truly considered the pearl of Moldovan winemaking. In Cricova underground galleries, you will see over seventy streets covering an area of nearly 53 hectares, each bearing Bacchic names: Sauvignon, Cabernet, Cahor. Here you can admire one of the oldest bottles of wine in Moldova, dating from 1902. There is one story always told in this place about the Russian pilot Yuri Gagarin, who during a visit in 1966, after getting tipsy, got lost and missed the exit. He went out the next day, having spent the night in the tasting room, currently named after him. In one of Cricova’s luxurious tasting halls, a couple years ago the former Russian president Vladimir Putin celebrated his 50th birthday. You will also have the chance to taste this wine in one of these halls. A Cooking lesson of traditional Moldovan food awaits in the afternoon. Here you will have the chance to try to cook stuffed peppers, polenta and other traditional dishes as pies (placinte). Good mood and a glass of tasty wine will help you to feel a real chef. Lunch will be served at Butenceni Guest House in the afternoon. Then it's an excursion at Orheiul Vechi. The remnants of the first human settlements, which are some hundreds of thousands years old, were found in the stone caverns from Orheiul Vechi. The originality of Orheiul Vechi landscape is due to the defile of the Raut river, dug under the form of a canyon in the limestone layers of the former Sarmatia sea, about 14 million years ago. Local ground is rich in monuments of old civilizations, stone tools and ruins of a middle aged village. Tonight you will enjoyt a farewell dinner in restaurant “Vatra Neamului” with live folk music and Moldavian dishes.


Day 5: Departure from Moldova on a flight back to the UK. 

Dates & Inclusions

Tour dates: Various travel dates for this Tour are available including some specifically Police orientated dates, contact us on 01422 847 847 or through our Holiday Request Form for more details. 

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