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Pre-pandemic - river cruising had seen a massive increase in popularity over recent years, with many more people warming to the idea of visiting magical towns and cities, seeing idyllic scenery, enjoying good cuisine, choosing from convivial company or romantic solitude as they sit on their balconies, sipping local wines and watching the world drift slowly by! All without having to re-pack once!

There is no doubt that as soon as post covid borders start lifting again, the idea of using your floating bedroom as a base will be back with a bang and we’ll be there to help you choose the route, river, company and boat that will suit your needs the best.

Whilst many people may have heard of Viking (with 70 ships), AMA (with 22), Scenic (16) or Riviera (with 12) because of TV/Magazine advertising and possibly think the Danube/Rhine/Douro or Seine must look like the M25 on a bad day, they can be forgiven for not knowing what and which to choose!

The reality is that there are scores of other companies operating literally 100’s of ships on rivers all around the world: From the American Queen Steamboat Company on the Mississippi to Emerald on the Volga; G Adventures on the Amazon to Trafalgar on the Yangtze; Avalon on the Ganges to Collette on the Nile. 

Let us do all the hard work – you just give us your wishlist and we’ll do the rest. We’ll sort out the companies who take pride in their own newer boats from those who just hire the usually older ones. We’ll compare the prices of the included tours and hospitality against those who just offer them as dreaded optional extras. We’ll check the reviews, the itineraries and the ease of the return travel to and from the ship. Once we’ve done all that we know you’ll be happy with the options we give you!

Contact us today – you won’t be disappointed! 

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