When Benchmark Travel was founded nearly 20 years ago, the name was decided upon by a group of 30 wandering around Europe on a 3 week wine tour. We even came up with a company slogan to go with the name – ‘We continuously achieve what others can only strive for’.

We then went on to become group specialists, first of all for Croatia & Slovenia, then every part of Europe, quickly followed by group travel to nearly every corner of the world.

So whether you’re vets wanting a skiing trip to the alps, police wanting a tour down under, scouts wanting a cultural exchange to Macedonia, wine buffs or prosecco connoisseurs wanting a tour of the vineyards,  tv fans wanting a ‘Death in Paradise’ murder mystery of their own in Guadaloupe or just family and friends wanting a ‘together’ experience - we can definitely create something special for you – anywhere, anyhow, anytime!.

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