Blog - Culture and Spirit of Guadeloupe

A land of many influences, the art, music, culture and culinary have all been influenced by France, African, Indian, American and the other neighbours in the Caribbean. The melting pot culture of Guadeloupe is immediately felt.

Like many Caribbean nations, artisans really define the culture as they are very skilled at making handicrafts. Pointe Noire is notable for its woodwork, while Saint Francois is known for its sculptures made from coconut. La Broderie de Vieux-Fort is the place to go to buy embroidered products.

When you are sight seeing or out and about in town it is the laidback island lifestyle that will determine your casual attire. The casual attire goes along with the local casual and laidback local attitude. However, it all comes alive at night. Whether you are looking to go out for dinner or head to the nightclub be sure to dress to impress. Colourful garments are the way to go, the brighter the better.

A typical dinner experience expect to can send your taste buds on a whirlwind tour across various nations. You cannot fully experience Guadeloupe’s culture without immersing yourself in local cuisine. Creole-style seafood is the staple on most menus, and is usually served with freshly harvested vegetables. Indian-inspired dishes such as meats with curry and rice, and exotic fruits like coconut and papaya are also part of the main island fare.

La biguine is one of the local genres of music you can enjoy in Guadeloupe, which is described as a combination of Creole bélé and polka. Zouk and gwo ka la base are also common in the streets and clubs. Whilst out Guadeloupe locals love their champagne as much as they love their traditional beverages, including fruit punches and ti-punch. So, pair some La Biguine with a ti-punch you will be a having a Guadeloupe festival.

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